All White | With Chelsea Jade + Yasmine Ganley January 15 - 2018

Photography and collages created by Yasmine Ganley of our white shirt muse Chelsea Jade for Sherie Muijs. 

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Feature | Unconditional Magazine June 28 - 2017


Shirt No. 18 featured in Unconditional Magazine
Photography by Will Davidson
Styling by Ilona Hamer




Copy Magazine | Issue 01 June 16 - 2017

Q: Why is the shirt so important?

A: The shirt is an important piece for the way in which it serves, reliably, practically and aesthetically. What excites me about the shirt is the endless possibilities that exist inside its form. Whether it be the placement of a pocket, the weight of the cotton, the length of the sleeve; subtle differences can transform the personality and purpose of the shirt. It is this variety that allows a shirt to exist for any occasion and why the wardrobe is incomplete without the right shirt. 

Q: How would you describe the philosophy of Sherie Muijs?

A: The clothes we wear affect our confidence, our ambition, our sense of worth and the freedom to be. We surround ourselves with the tools and resources we need to be effective. This includes the way we dress which when done right allows us not only to be effective but to be ourselves. 

Q: Buying a shirt is easy, buying a good shirt is hard, what makes a good shirt?

A: Good shirts are like close friends — trustworthy, reliable, near. The cloth and construction are the obvious markers of a good shirt but even these are meaningless if it’s ill fitting. The shirt should fall with ease to move without restraint or restriction.

Q: You’re about to release the new Tee-Shirt No.19, tell us about what makes this special and also about the collaborative process with Marta Buda?

A: T-Shirt No.19 is an important building block in expanding our shirt offering. It’s weight and proportions lend itself nicely to being the perfect extra layer in winter and equally great as a light-weight sweater for summer. I draw a lot of satisfaction from my collaborative work with Marta. Her intuition for colour and tone have shaped and influenced the palette for this season.  


Photography and Art Direction by Adam Bryce for Copy Magazine.



Marta Katarzyna Buda | Shirt No. 14 September 29 - 2016

Textile designer Marta Katarzyna Buda wears her Shirt No. 14, Charcoal in wool shirting while she makes pasta from scratch... because with the sleeves pushed up, Marta knows that this shirt can take a bit of daily wear 'n' tear, even a splash of flour. 

What are you wearing your shirt with?

Wool trousers from Penny Sage and vintage Polish earrings from my mother's jewellery box.

What are your favourite features of the shirt?

I love the large gusseted front pockets and collarless neckline. It has a casual elegance that isn't fussy, and that's why I know I'm going to wear this shirt regularly.


Sherie Muijs Shirt No.14 is available online [here]
Images by Greta van der Star 


Detail Focus | Jacket No.17 September 22 - 2016

We heard somewhere recently that modern luxury is peace of mind. The notion that loyalty towards a brand or product stems from trusting not only a direction or aesthetic, but also their values and practices. When what you have in and around your everyday has been considered to the point where, as a consumer, you don't have to, herein lies the sense of real luxury. 

This jacket, in many ways, lends itself to these ideas. With a firm appreciation for traditional Japanese uniform, a utilitarian approach of clean, confident details such as breast pockets with gussets and flaps sit next to robust metal closures, resulting in a functional everyday jacket, crafted to soften over years of wear and enjoyment. 

Handmade in New Zealand from a recycled wool blend, the Jacket No.17 comes all enclosed with flat-felled seams and tailored two-piece sleeves. It could be best put to use as a soft shell of protection for those days when the weather goes sideways — collar up and button down, even. 

Emma Gleason | Shirt No.18 (Old & New) September 15 - 2016

We've always admired local writer Emma Gleason's knack for knowing what she likes. With her finger on the pulse, Emma has an eye of a magpie, searching for all things beautiful and absolutely genuine. A long time Sherie Muijs fan (thank you!), Emma has for years enjoyed wearing our earliest version of the No. 18 Shirt, having just recently decided to repurchase our latest version of the same style.

We visited Emma at home where we lazed in the sunshine, listened to Lou Reed and waited for her ginger loaf to bake itself to perfection.    

— So you bought the first No.18 shirt a few years ago, how have you enjoyed it since?

My first No.18 shirt must be around five or six years old now. Being cotton voile, it has always felt far more gentle and laid back than denser cottons, and lends itself equally well to long days at the beach as it does work or dinner. Through near constant wear (especially in warmer months) it has become incredibly soft; I now sleep in it too. I wash it by hand, with sunlight soap – but only when really necessary. Its lightness has always made it feel quite sexy, regardless (or perhaps because) of the loose fit. Especially in summer, tanned skin and a white shirt is an incredibly attractive combination to both wear and appreciate; when days are warm and all your skin needs is a veil of cotton.

— What are your favourite features of the No.18 shirt?

I love the traditional elements it retains – collar stand, pocket, placket and cuffs – all in gently refined proportions, and the pragmatically straight hem.

— You recently re-bought the updated version of the No.18 shirt, what is it about this particular shirt style that suits your lifestyle?

A white shirt is a clean slate, looking equally good adorned or not. I like the possibilities it suggests. The loose shape is gently reassuring, made for times when your body doesn’t feel like it should be, anxiety is running high, or you feel the need for protection.

— What are some of your approaches to dressing, and what are you currently enjoying pairing your No.18 shirt with?

I’m drawn to the bones of my wardrobe (shirts, jeans, sweaters) as much as I am prints and unexpected colours; sometimes these items live together in the same outfit, sometimes not. Some days necessitate the security of the nondescript, whilst others I’m driven by the need to surprise myself and test my own boundaries of proportion, layers and taste. Clothes are exploratory, even old and familiar garments can delight you again; I’m currently yearning for spring and cotton on skin.

Old No.18 Shirt, worn and loved...


New No. 18 Shirt, wearing and loving...

Sherie Muijs No. 18 Shirt, available online
Imagery by Greta van der Star



Marta Buda | Jacket No. 17 July 25 - 2016

Friend and collaborator Marta Buda takes us to her favourite Wellington coffee spot, wearing our Jacket No. 17 in Oatmeal, made from a recycled wool blend.

How does this jacket suit your lifestyle?

I see this jacket as a very refined denim jacket - the perfect throw on/over that will suit most things. It's an understated classic that is also very practical and warm to wear which suits my often rushed dressing routine and the climate I live in too.

What are some of the items that you let into your home and wardrobe? What fabrics/textures/colours you like to have around you and on your skin.

I prefer things that are well made and beautifully designed. I would much rather go without something than have a substitute that was badly or unethically made. I don't often make hasty purchases and I try to go by the rule of "buy less but buy better" when it comes to my wardrobe and home. I'm always interested in where things come from, how they are made and the stories around them. I try to wear only natural fabrics -cotton, wool, silk and other cellulose fibres, unless it can't be avoided. I have always loved blues, greens, neutrals, whites. I love seeing people wearing colourful clothing but personally feel too shy to wear strong colours! 



Jacket No. 17 is now available [here]
Photographs by Greta van der Star.



Natasha Mead | Shirt No. 06 Midnight June 02 - 2016

Refined and considered, Natasha Mead's design and direction echo the same sensibilities she has in her approach to dressing. We popped in to catch a moment with Natasha at her beautiful home studio in Freeman's Bay. 

What are you wearing your shirt with?
Blue levis, easy vintage jacket & brown leather mules.

What are your favourite features of the shirt?
You slip it on and immediately feel more capable. It sounds absurd, but that's the power of a perfect shirt.

Sometimes when I'm trying to get my concentration back, I unroll and I reroll up the sleeves, it's soothing, like making a cup of tea.

How does this shirt suit your lifestyle?
I love the ease of it, I can freely potter about the studio or run errands, but then still take a last minute client meeting. No matter what I'm doing, I feel comfortably myself. It's elegant, but practical.

What are some of the items that you let into your home and wardrobe? What fabrics/textures/colours you like to have around you and on your skin?
I love fabrics that feel like they have a story. Uncommon textures and natural fibres.. fabrics that make me want to rub them and then immediately check the composition label. I really like undertones of colour. Colours that are 'not quite' one thing, and 'a bit' of something else. That way, everything usually works together and I don't have to think too hard about it in the morning.

Shirt No. 06 Midnight is now available.
Photographs by Greta van der Star



Esther Leonard | Shirt No. 06 May 24 - 2016

Walking us through her garden wearing our classic boyfriend's shirt, we spent last Sunday catching up with designer and shoe maker Esther Leonard... 

What are you wearing your shirt with?
Black woolen Kate Sylvester trousers, Penny Sage leather slides and a very beautiful ring made by Zora Bell Boyd - which I have since misplaced....

What are your favourite features of the shirt?
Fabric means everything in a garment. It feels like I am wearing a feather. I find myself studying the details of this shirt. The breast pocket will both confuse you and make you smile. Sherie's shirts look effortlessly genius - she is a genius. Every stitch, textile choice and detail is carefully thought out.

How does this shirt-jacket suit your lifestyle?
It's an "everything" shirt, I can wear it many ways and on many occasions. I like to be able to get a lot out of my clothing and this one will be with me for as long as it lasts, and then a little while longer. There are few shirts my boyfriend and I can share, this one has us on a schedule.

Shirt No. 06 Nude is now available.
Photographs by Greta van der Star



Detail Focus | No.01 Shirt May 05 - 2016

Exceptionally minimal from collar to wrist, the Sherie Muijs No. 01 Shirt puts an end to our relentless search for a perfectly crisp white shirt. The first from the numbered series, we look into the reasons why this shirt has fast become one of the brand’s most coveted styles…

Classic details include pearl-button closers along the centre front placket and cuffs, a pointed roll collar which gently rests on the collar bone, and a tailored long sleeve adding limb-length and elegance to a relaxed silhouette. 

Made from a high-density pure cotton poplin in an optical white, the No. 01 shirt suggests heritage and tradition with a small button loop and button to close, for those times when an outfit requires ultimate structure.

When ease is the priority, simplicity is realised in functionality — offering a front inset pocket with bar-tack ends, tight double stitch details and a softly curved hemline.

Sherie Muijs Shirt No. 01 — Optical White is available online [here]
[Text and imagery by Yasmine Ganley]



White Sands April 28 - 2016

Driving from Las Cruces to Marfa, we spent the afternoon exploring what felt like another planet — a pocket of land equipped with sand dunes and moody skies named White Sands National Monument.

Wandering around, some sections reminded us of the parking lots in an unnamed ski field, some of the east coast beaches in New Zealand. One section in particular, felt like we walked straight into a painting. The creamy-white dunes undulated towards the horizon, as far as we could see, our eyes squinting from the relentless amount of light bouncing around. Wind swept and with their uniform ridge lines, the dunes became speckled with footprints as the day went on.

This landscape transported us somewhat, it slowed us down, we talked less, we took off our shoes, we felt energised. We stayed longer than we imagined, too, resulting in a pitch black night-drive through the outskirts of Marfa — a scene that only the desert can achieve. We caught glimpses of wild rabbits while our thoughts rolled amongst those squeaky, flour-soft hills.

Originally published on Anyonegirl x NEST TOGETHER
PHOTOGRAPHER | Greta van der Star
FEATURING | Kate Megaw of Penny Sage and Sherie Muijs at White Sands in New Mexico
TEXT | Yasmine Ganley



Yasmine Ganley | Shirt No. 01 April 27 - 2016

Friend and collaborator Yasmine Ganley of wears Sherie Muijs No. 01 Shirt in black silk...


What are you wearing your shirt with?

Vintage black Levi's, Penny Sage slides, my boyfriend's black leather belt, and a bracelet made for me by Louise Douglas.

What are your favourite features of the shirt?

The way it feels! It is lightweight and cooling against the skin. I feel very feminine in this shirt — it flutters a little when I walk, but it's functional too: I can drive, lift boxes, and take pictures without feeling too precious. 






See | Sherie Muijs Shirt No. 01 — Black Silk 
Photographed by Greta van der Star. 



Anita, Downtown L.A. April 20 - 2016

A place that once thrived on the luxuries of neon lights and extra strong martinis, Downtown LA can still hold its tune, nowadays, however, it is sung in hand painted signs and washed-out painted walls. Photographed and styled by Greta van der Star, each look hints at both the eloquence and worn-in feel of the location: silk shirts with sailor pants and warm sunlight with deserted streets — all paired together to celebrate the charm, the friction and the romantic history prevalent in Downtown LA. 



Outfit 1 | Sherie Muijs No. 17 Shirt in oatmeal
Outfit 2 | Sherie Muijs No. 6 Shirt in nude
Outfit 3 | Sherie Muijs No. 1 Silk Shirt in ivory

Photography and styling by Greta van der Star
Model: Anita of Freedom Models
Text by Yasmine Ganley
Originally published on NEST TOGETHER



Amber Wilson | Jacket No. 13 April 14 - 2016

On a rainy Friday afternoon, we met with one of our favourite local artists Amber Wilson for orange cake and tea in her serene wooden home. While her son Oliver played patiently with his wooden boat and bunny, we talked to Amber about her new series of watercolours, and the functionality of her new cotton drill workman's jacket...


How does this shirt-jacket suit your lifestyle?

Comfort and practicality are often a priority in my clothing choices these days. I’m a mum, a painter and a university lecturer. I spend my time playing with a busy, messy toddler, running errands, working in my studio, visiting friends and family, teaching, and taking care of a myriad of domestic tasks – often all in the same day. This means I require a certain kind of adaptability from my clothing. Sherie’s shirts have proved themselves to be appropriate in all of the above situations. They easily withstand the physical rigours of child wrangling and at the same time help create a sense of inner poise and composure.


What are some of the items that you let into your home and wardrobe? What fabrics/textures/colours you like to have around you and on your skin.

I live with my partner Scott and son Oliver and every week we have extended family stay with us. This means we have extra bits and pieces around which don’t belong to us, so I’m not too precious or particular about the objects that drift through and pile up around our home. Most important to me is that we, our guests and visitors are relaxed and comfortable in our home. It’s the people who inhabit a space and the life that is lived there which make a home special - not the objects. In later years I doubt I’ll reminisce and think ‘gosh that was a lovely time in my life when the house was so perfectly presented’. Scott and I share an appreciation of handmade objects and are most drawn to natural materials. We are surrounded by wooden furniture made by Scott specifically for our house, linen furnishings made by me, handwoven baskets and ceramic domestic-ware made by people we know, including our favourite salt glazed stoneware pieces by the extremely talented parents of jeweller Zelda Murray, Renton and Rosie Murray.

When it comes to clothing I prefer wearing only natural materials: wool, cashmere, linen, cotton and silk. My friend, the artist Amy Unkovich gave me the nickname ‘wooly’ as I have a deep commitment to wearing woollen knitwear all year round. Colour is very important and I definitely have a preference for muted tones, earthy greens, dusky blues and lilacs. Whilst I frequently prioritise practicality I also dress to relish the sensual pleasures of wearing certain textures. I’m quite slovenly really but I have a particular appreciation for the feel of crisply ironed cotton clothing, it’s a geeky confession but I love the ironing process too! Generally though, my clothing decisions are more aligned with a desire to ‘feel’ a certain way rather than ‘look’ a certain way, which means my choices and overall style are somewhat capricious. Similar to my approach to our home I try not to be too precious about appearances and concentrate on living in an open and congenial way with a focus on the people we share our life with.









Amber Wilson's exhibition 'Looming from the margins' is currently on show at Anna Miles Gallery in Auckland, for more information, see [here]


See | Sherie Muijs Jacket No. 13 — Navy
[Images by Greta van der Star. Interview by Yasmine Ganley.] 



Sherie Muijs x Kayten Schmidt March 30 - 2016


Both celebrated for mastery in their editing processes and armed with a devotion to the classics, Sherie Muijs launches her new collection of shirts with Kayten Schmidt; a woman she has long admired for her considered approach to style and way of living.

For this project, Sherie aims to observe the way in which Kayten styles her shirts, in various silhouettes and natural fibers, each paired with her own personal wardrobe staples. Photographed in her LA-based home, Kayten discusses the intentions behind her instinctive dressing rituals.


[ Yasmine Ganley ] First of all, we would love to hear about your approach to dressing, and how you go about defining and/or exploring your style.

[Kayten Schmidt] | I think the baseline of my approach to dressing is ‘you should wear the clothes, the clothes shouldn't wear you’, which means, I stick to clean basics, lots of neutrals and black and white. Lately, I have found myself more appreciative of a statement piece, something that is special or speaks a bit louder, but loud for me is still very much rooted in classics. I do like everything to be well made, no fast fashion. I like to get cheap basics at thrift stores instead and mix them with designer pieces. I'm very into wearing all one color. I feel like my life goal is to not be embarrassed of my outfits when I look back at photos that are five, ten, fifteen years old.

[ YG ] Would you be able to tell us a little about each of the pieces you have styled with Sherie's shirts?

[ KS ] Many of my favorite jeans and trousers have come from my friend Elizabeth at Collection LA. She's a vintage dealer with an incredible eye. The perfect pair of Levis are from her, as are the amazing pair of vintage Perry Ellis super high-waisted linen pants. The blue Vena Cava silk pants are my favorite pair; they are a few years old. I love a silk pant, they feel so easy yet luxurious. I'm obsessed with huge belts and picked up a few recently vintage shopping in New York. I love to buy clothing items that are on sale or a few season old in vintage stores or on Ebay. It makes the decision easier. Ebay is just so deep, you can search for hours. I also love to buy clothing whilst traveling because I like the memory attached of where things were purchased. Of course, there is romance attached to clothing purchased in Paris, London and New York but I can find things anywhere. I visit my Grandmother in Arizona and we hit all the antique and resale shops. Last time I was there I found an Ann Demeulemeester top and a camisole from The Row (with tags) for $25 each, and I think I'm so much more fond of them than if they came from Barneys, too easy. My mother and grandmother were confusedly wondering why I was so excited over two tiny beige tops.

[ YG ] Thank you for letting us photograph you in your beautiful home too! We'd like to hear you talk about the items you let into your space, how the spaces in your home work for you as a creative, and what fabrics/textures/colours you like to have around you and on your skin.

[ KS ] I used to really aim for minimalism in my living space. I think we all were going through that, I used to be staunchly opposed to any bedding that wasn't white. But now I'm letting more color and texture in. My house is quite small so it has to be somewhat clean and organized for it to feel sane but I'm embracing a bit of clutter instead of trying to fight with it. I am very into my space smelling good which means a lot of candles and special clearing sprays. I like Diptych Coriander and Le Labo Figue. I can't have flowers and plants indoors for too long because my cat is crazy for them. Luckily I can set flowers outside the windows and still enjoy them from indoors. I'm not one of those people that sits around fully clothed with shoes on working at home, I stay in my pajamas or yoga clothes and have blankets and pillows everywhere, so I'm always hunting for soft stuff: linen pieces or pillowcases. I like having empty vases around, nice shapes. It’s fun to relocate them into different spots when they get stagnant. It’s an easy refresh.

[ YG ] And the house itself has an interesting history. What do you love about your home and the area?

[ KS ] My house is a special little thing. I owe it to my friend Eliza for recognizing the gem that it is and putting us in touch with the owner. It's a small wood and glass box, built in ‘51 or ‘52 by a Chinese architect who built a few homes and structures in Los Angeles. It’s situated on the hill in this thoughtful way, where we get crazy amounts of winter light and it still feels private even though the walls are floor to ceiling glass. Julius Schulman shot this house early in his career; I believe it’s called The Wood House. I've never lived in a place that had this kind of character; I have a feeling of unconditional love and respect for it. I don't get angry over its flaws like I have in other spaces.

[ YG ] As a female, how does wearing a shirt — based on a masculine fit — feel for you personally?

[ KS ] The idea of lounging around the house in nothing but a slightly oversized men’s shirt is the chicest and sexiest aspiration. (I'd actually love to dive into the history and psychology of it.) I think to translate a men’s shirt into a daily wearable women’s shirt, you don't have to push the line too far. I think Sherie’s silhouettes sit perfectly on that line. Maybe subconsciously you have to be secure in your femininity to wear a men’s shirt with confidence, and that’s what I admire. I'm not always a fan of anything overtly feminine, although sometimes things sneak in. As women, we are fortunate to be able to play with that ambiguity. Personally, wearing a men’s style shirt makes me feel understated, intelligently and secretly sexy.


































Image [1] Shirt No. 01 Chalk Cotton Poplin

Image [2] Shirt No. 18 Taupe Silk Crêpe De Chine

Image [4] Shirt No. 01 Ivory Silk Crêpe De Chine

Images [7/8] Shirt-Jacket No. 17 Oatmeal Recycled Wool Blend

Images [10/11] Shirt No. 01 Black Silk Crêpe De Chine

Images [12/13] Shirt No. 14 Charcoal Wool Shirting

Images [14/15/16] Shirt No. 06 Nude Silk Wool Blend



TEXT | Yasmine Ganley
DESIGNER | Sherie Muijs
MODEL / ARTIST | Kayten Schmidt
PHOTOGRAPHER | Greta van der Star



Detail Focus | No.16 Shirt March 24 - 2016



Unfussy and with a utilitarian ease, an un-collared shirt hints at the history of a removable collar on a workman’s shirt. The No.16 Shirt, made in a fine twill Italian cotton, is beautifully simplified with considered details. 




A loop, centre back along the yokes seam, invites the wearer to hang up their shirt at the end of the day. This allows the shirt to drape overnight, avoiding any creases when required the following morning. 




Mother of Pearl shell buttons quietly call for attention towards their subtle surrounding features of enclosed seams and an inset breast pocket — an orchestra of necessary embellishment that results in visual peace.



No. 16 Shirt is available at Simon James Concept Store and Coming Soon to The Service Depot.
[Words and imagery by Yasmine Ganley for Sherie Muijs]



Studio Sale February 25 - 2016



Sherie Muijs + Penny Sage Studio Sale!
Samples, fabric, archive, seconds and one-off pieces!
Saturday 27th February 10am - 5pm
6A Kirk Street, Arch Hill
[Cash only]


The Eames House January 05 - 2016






Disposable film images taken at the Eames House; home and work place for Ray and Charles Eames. Situated on a spacious 1.4-acre site and surrounded by a meadow of eucalyptus trees, inviting you to walk and to play. The home and studio itself was intimate and consolidated down to the essentials required to function, to work, to live and to entertain.  

Last years visit is to be remembered and of inspiration whilst currently in search for a space to do the same. 




No. 6 in New York December 15 - 2015












Introducing our Boyfriend's Shirt [No. 6] worn by the incredible Duncan [aka Thistle Brown], and Georgia Pratt who makes an impeccable appearance. This dream team came together to shoot for Sherie Muijs recently in New York. See more and read the full feature, coveted on Nest Together


Creative Direction: Jack Roy
Photography: Lily Cummings
Models: Duncan & Georgia Pratt




White Sands | Summer Shirts November 30 - 2015










Greta, Kate and Yasmine, all wearing their Sherie Muijs shirts earlier this year at White Sands National Park. 




Chelsea Jade | Shirt No. 6 November 05 - 2015




Two seriously talented ladies collide to create a beautiful series of stills. Chelsea Jade wears our boyfriends Shirt No.6 in white cotton, photographed by Greta van der Star for Catalogue Magazine.