Marta Katarzyna Buda | Shirt No. 14 September 29 2016

Textile designer Marta Katarzyna Buda wears her Shirt No. 14, Charcoal in wool shirting while she makes pasta from scratch... because with the sleeves pushed up, Marta knows that this shirt can take a bit of daily wear 'n' tear, even a splash of flour. 

What are you wearing your shirt with?

Wool trousers from Penny Sage and vintage Polish earrings from my mother's jewellery box.

What are your favourite features of the shirt?

I love the large gusseted front pockets and collarless neckline. It has a casual elegance that isn't fussy, and that's why I know I'm going to wear this shirt regularly.


Sherie Muijs Shirt No.14 is available online [here]
Images by Greta van der Star