Natasha Mead | Shirt No. 06 Midnight June 02 2016

Refined and considered, Natasha Mead's design and direction echo the same sensibilities she has in her approach to dressing. We popped in to catch a moment with Natasha at her beautiful home studio in Freeman's Bay. 

What are you wearing your shirt with?
Blue levis, easy vintage jacket & brown leather mules.

What are your favourite features of the shirt?
You slip it on and immediately feel more capable. It sounds absurd, but that's the power of a perfect shirt.

Sometimes when I'm trying to get my concentration back, I unroll and I reroll up the sleeves, it's soothing, like making a cup of tea.

How does this shirt suit your lifestyle?
I love the ease of it, I can freely potter about the studio or run errands, but then still take a last minute client meeting. No matter what I'm doing, I feel comfortably myself. It's elegant, but practical.

What are some of the items that you let into your home and wardrobe? What fabrics/textures/colours you like to have around you and on your skin?
I love fabrics that feel like they have a story. Uncommon textures and natural fibres.. fabrics that make me want to rub them and then immediately check the composition label. I really like undertones of colour. Colours that are 'not quite' one thing, and 'a bit' of something else. That way, everything usually works together and I don't have to think too hard about it in the morning.

Shirt No. 06 Midnight is now available.
Photographs by Greta van der Star