Marta Buda | Jacket No. 17 July 25 2016

Friend and collaborator Marta Buda takes us to her favourite Wellington coffee spot, wearing our Jacket No. 17 in Oatmeal, made from a recycled wool blend.

How does this jacket suit your lifestyle?

I see this jacket as a very refined denim jacket - the perfect throw on/over that will suit most things. It's an understated classic that is also very practical and warm to wear which suits my often rushed dressing routine and the climate I live in too.

What are some of the items that you let into your home and wardrobe? What fabrics/textures/colours you like to have around you and on your skin.

I prefer things that are well made and beautifully designed. I would much rather go without something than have a substitute that was badly or unethically made. I don't often make hasty purchases and I try to go by the rule of "buy less but buy better" when it comes to my wardrobe and home. I'm always interested in where things come from, how they are made and the stories around them. I try to wear only natural fabrics -cotton, wool, silk and other cellulose fibres, unless it can't be avoided. I have always loved blues, greens, neutrals, whites. I love seeing people wearing colourful clothing but personally feel too shy to wear strong colours! 



Jacket No. 17 is now available [here]
Photographs by Greta van der Star.