Amber Wilson | Jacket No. 13 April 14 2016

On a rainy Friday afternoon, we met with one of our favourite local artists Amber Wilson for orange cake and tea in her serene wooden home. While her son Oliver played patiently with his wooden boat and bunny, we talked to Amber about her new series of watercolours, and the functionality of her new cotton drill workman's jacket...


How does this shirt-jacket suit your lifestyle?

Comfort and practicality are often a priority in my clothing choices these days. I’m a mum, a painter and a university lecturer. I spend my time playing with a busy, messy toddler, running errands, working in my studio, visiting friends and family, teaching, and taking care of a myriad of domestic tasks – often all in the same day. This means I require a certain kind of adaptability from my clothing. Sherie’s shirts have proved themselves to be appropriate in all of the above situations. They easily withstand the physical rigours of child wrangling and at the same time help create a sense of inner poise and composure.


What are some of the items that you let into your home and wardrobe? What fabrics/textures/colours you like to have around you and on your skin.

I live with my partner Scott and son Oliver and every week we have extended family stay with us. This means we have extra bits and pieces around which don’t belong to us, so I’m not too precious or particular about the objects that drift through and pile up around our home. Most important to me is that we, our guests and visitors are relaxed and comfortable in our home. It’s the people who inhabit a space and the life that is lived there which make a home special - not the objects. In later years I doubt I’ll reminisce and think ‘gosh that was a lovely time in my life when the house was so perfectly presented’. Scott and I share an appreciation of handmade objects and are most drawn to natural materials. We are surrounded by wooden furniture made by Scott specifically for our house, linen furnishings made by me, handwoven baskets and ceramic domestic-ware made by people we know, including our favourite salt glazed stoneware pieces by the extremely talented parents of jeweller Zelda Murray, Renton and Rosie Murray.

When it comes to clothing I prefer wearing only natural materials: wool, cashmere, linen, cotton and silk. My friend, the artist Amy Unkovich gave me the nickname ‘wooly’ as I have a deep commitment to wearing woollen knitwear all year round. Colour is very important and I definitely have a preference for muted tones, earthy greens, dusky blues and lilacs. Whilst I frequently prioritise practicality I also dress to relish the sensual pleasures of wearing certain textures. I’m quite slovenly really but I have a particular appreciation for the feel of crisply ironed cotton clothing, it’s a geeky confession but I love the ironing process too! Generally though, my clothing decisions are more aligned with a desire to ‘feel’ a certain way rather than ‘look’ a certain way, which means my choices and overall style are somewhat capricious. Similar to my approach to our home I try not to be too precious about appearances and concentrate on living in an open and congenial way with a focus on the people we share our life with.









Amber Wilson's exhibition 'Looming from the margins' is currently on show at Anna Miles Gallery in Auckland, for more information, see [here]


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[Images by Greta van der Star. Interview by Yasmine Ganley.]