Sherie Muijs x Kayten Schmidt March 30 2016


Both celebrated for mastery in their editing processes and armed with a devotion to the classics, Sherie Muijs launches her new collection of shirts with Kayten Schmidt; a woman she has long admired for her considered approach to style and way of living.

For this project, Sherie aims to observe the way in which Kayten styles her shirts, in various silhouettes and natural fibers, each paired with her own personal wardrobe staples. Photographed in her LA-based home, Kayten discusses the intentions behind her instinctive dressing rituals.


[ Yasmine Ganley ] First of all, we would love to hear about your approach to dressing, and how you go about defining and/or exploring your style.

[Kayten Schmidt] | I think the baseline of my approach to dressing is ‘you should wear the clothes, the clothes shouldn't wear you’, which means, I stick to clean basics, lots of neutrals and black and white. Lately, I have found myself more appreciative of a statement piece, something that is special or speaks a bit louder, but loud for me is still very much rooted in classics. I do like everything to be well made, no fast fashion. I like to get cheap basics at thrift stores instead and mix them with designer pieces. I'm very into wearing all one color. I feel like my life goal is to not be embarrassed of my outfits when I look back at photos that are five, ten, fifteen years old.

[ YG ] Would you be able to tell us a little about each of the pieces you have styled with Sherie's shirts?

[ KS ] Many of my favorite jeans and trousers have come from my friend Elizabeth at Collection LA. She's a vintage dealer with an incredible eye. The perfect pair of Levis are from her, as are the amazing pair of vintage Perry Ellis super high-waisted linen pants. The blue Vena Cava silk pants are my favorite pair; they are a few years old. I love a silk pant, they feel so easy yet luxurious. I'm obsessed with huge belts and picked up a few recently vintage shopping in New York. I love to buy clothing items that are on sale or a few season old in vintage stores or on Ebay. It makes the decision easier. Ebay is just so deep, you can search for hours. I also love to buy clothing whilst traveling because I like the memory attached of where things were purchased. Of course, there is romance attached to clothing purchased in Paris, London and New York but I can find things anywhere. I visit my Grandmother in Arizona and we hit all the antique and resale shops. Last time I was there I found an Ann Demeulemeester top and a camisole from The Row (with tags) for $25 each, and I think I'm so much more fond of them than if they came from Barneys, too easy. My mother and grandmother were confusedly wondering why I was so excited over two tiny beige tops.

[ YG ] Thank you for letting us photograph you in your beautiful home too! We'd like to hear you talk about the items you let into your space, how the spaces in your home work for you as a creative, and what fabrics/textures/colours you like to have around you and on your skin.

[ KS ] I used to really aim for minimalism in my living space. I think we all were going through that, I used to be staunchly opposed to any bedding that wasn't white. But now I'm letting more color and texture in. My house is quite small so it has to be somewhat clean and organized for it to feel sane but I'm embracing a bit of clutter instead of trying to fight with it. I am very into my space smelling good which means a lot of candles and special clearing sprays. I like Diptych Coriander and Le Labo Figue. I can't have flowers and plants indoors for too long because my cat is crazy for them. Luckily I can set flowers outside the windows and still enjoy them from indoors. I'm not one of those people that sits around fully clothed with shoes on working at home, I stay in my pajamas or yoga clothes and have blankets and pillows everywhere, so I'm always hunting for soft stuff: linen pieces or pillowcases. I like having empty vases around, nice shapes. It’s fun to relocate them into different spots when they get stagnant. It’s an easy refresh.

[ YG ] And the house itself has an interesting history. What do you love about your home and the area?

[ KS ] My house is a special little thing. I owe it to my friend Eliza for recognizing the gem that it is and putting us in touch with the owner. It's a small wood and glass box, built in ‘51 or ‘52 by a Chinese architect who built a few homes and structures in Los Angeles. It’s situated on the hill in this thoughtful way, where we get crazy amounts of winter light and it still feels private even though the walls are floor to ceiling glass. Julius Schulman shot this house early in his career; I believe it’s called The Wood House. I've never lived in a place that had this kind of character; I have a feeling of unconditional love and respect for it. I don't get angry over its flaws like I have in other spaces.

[ YG ] As a female, how does wearing a shirt — based on a masculine fit — feel for you personally?

[ KS ] The idea of lounging around the house in nothing but a slightly oversized men’s shirt is the chicest and sexiest aspiration. (I'd actually love to dive into the history and psychology of it.) I think to translate a men’s shirt into a daily wearable women’s shirt, you don't have to push the line too far. I think Sherie’s silhouettes sit perfectly on that line. Maybe subconsciously you have to be secure in your femininity to wear a men’s shirt with confidence, and that’s what I admire. I'm not always a fan of anything overtly feminine, although sometimes things sneak in. As women, we are fortunate to be able to play with that ambiguity. Personally, wearing a men’s style shirt makes me feel understated, intelligently and secretly sexy.


































Image [1] Shirt No. 01 Chalk Cotton Poplin

Image [2] Shirt No. 18 Taupe Silk Crêpe De Chine

Image [4] Shirt No. 01 Ivory Silk Crêpe De Chine

Images [7/8] Shirt-Jacket No. 17 Oatmeal Recycled Wool Blend

Images [10/11] Shirt No. 01 Black Silk Crêpe De Chine

Images [12/13] Shirt No. 14 Charcoal Wool Shirting

Images [14/15/16] Shirt No. 06 Nude Silk Wool Blend



TEXT | Yasmine Ganley
DESIGNER | Sherie Muijs
MODEL / ARTIST | Kayten Schmidt
PHOTOGRAPHER | Greta van der Star