Detail Focus | No.16 Shirt March 24 2016



Unfussy and with a utilitarian ease, an un-collared shirt hints at the history of a removable collar on a workman’s shirt. The No.16 Shirt, made in a fine twill Italian cotton, is beautifully simplified with considered details. 




A loop, centre back along the yokes seam, invites the wearer to hang up their shirt at the end of the day. This allows the shirt to drape overnight, avoiding any creases when required the following morning. 




Mother of Pearl shell buttons quietly call for attention towards their subtle surrounding features of enclosed seams and an inset breast pocket — an orchestra of necessary embellishment that results in visual peace.



No. 16 Shirt is available at Simon James Concept Store and Coming Soon to The Service Depot.
[Words and imagery by Yasmine Ganley for Sherie Muijs]