Copy Magazine | Issue 01 June 16 2017

Q: Why is the shirt so important?

A: The shirt is an important piece for the way in which it serves, reliably, practically and aesthetically. What excites me about the shirt is the endless possibilities that exist inside its form. Whether it be the placement of a pocket, the weight of the cotton, the length of the sleeve; subtle differences can transform the personality and purpose of the shirt. It is this variety that allows a shirt to exist for any occasion and why the wardrobe is incomplete without the right shirt. 

Q: How would you describe the philosophy of Sherie Muijs?

A: The clothes we wear affect our confidence, our ambition, our sense of worth and the freedom to be. We surround ourselves with the tools and resources we need to be effective. This includes the way we dress which when done right allows us not only to be effective but to be ourselves. 

Q: Buying a shirt is easy, buying a good shirt is hard, what makes a good shirt?

A: Good shirts are like close friends — trustworthy, reliable, near. The cloth and construction are the obvious markers of a good shirt but even these are meaningless if it’s ill fitting. The shirt should fall with ease to move without restraint or restriction.

Q: You’re about to release the new Tee-Shirt No.19, tell us about what makes this special and also about the collaborative process with Marta Buda?

A: T-Shirt No.19 is an important building block in expanding our shirt offering. It’s weight and proportions lend itself nicely to being the perfect extra layer in winter and equally great as a light-weight sweater for summer. I draw a lot of satisfaction from my collaborative work with Marta. Her intuition for colour and tone have shaped and influenced the palette for this season.  


Photography and Art Direction by Adam Bryce for Copy Magazine.