Emma Gleason | Shirt No.18 (Old & New) September 15 2016

We've always admired local writer Emma Gleason's knack for knowing what she likes. With her finger on the pulse, Emma has an eye of a magpie, searching for all things beautiful and absolutely genuine. A long time Sherie Muijs fan (thank you!), Emma has for years enjoyed wearing our earliest version of the No. 18 Shirt, having just recently decided to repurchase our latest version of the same style.

We visited Emma at home where we lazed in the sunshine, listened to Lou Reed and waited for her ginger loaf to bake itself to perfection.    

— So you bought the first No.18 shirt a few years ago, how have you enjoyed it since?

My first No.18 shirt must be around five or six years old now. Being cotton voile, it has always felt far more gentle and laid back than denser cottons, and lends itself equally well to long days at the beach as it does work or dinner. Through near constant wear (especially in warmer months) it has become incredibly soft; I now sleep in it too. I wash it by hand, with sunlight soap – but only when really necessary. Its lightness has always made it feel quite sexy, regardless (or perhaps because) of the loose fit. Especially in summer, tanned skin and a white shirt is an incredibly attractive combination to both wear and appreciate; when days are warm and all your skin needs is a veil of cotton.

— What are your favourite features of the No.18 shirt?

I love the traditional elements it retains – collar stand, pocket, placket and cuffs – all in gently refined proportions, and the pragmatically straight hem.

— You recently re-bought the updated version of the No.18 shirt, what is it about this particular shirt style that suits your lifestyle?

A white shirt is a clean slate, looking equally good adorned or not. I like the possibilities it suggests. The loose shape is gently reassuring, made for times when your body doesn’t feel like it should be, anxiety is running high, or you feel the need for protection.

— What are some of your approaches to dressing, and what are you currently enjoying pairing your No.18 shirt with?

I’m drawn to the bones of my wardrobe (shirts, jeans, sweaters) as much as I am prints and unexpected colours; sometimes these items live together in the same outfit, sometimes not. Some days necessitate the security of the nondescript, whilst others I’m driven by the need to surprise myself and test my own boundaries of proportion, layers and taste. Clothes are exploratory, even old and familiar garments can delight you again; I’m currently yearning for spring and cotton on skin.

Old No.18 Shirt, worn and loved...


New No. 18 Shirt, wearing and loving...

Sherie Muijs No. 18 Shirt, available online
Imagery by Greta van der Star