Detail Focus | Jacket No.17 September 22 2016

We heard somewhere recently that modern luxury is peace of mind. The notion that loyalty towards a brand or product stems from trusting not only a direction or aesthetic, but also their values and practices. When what you have in and around your everyday has been considered to the point where, as a consumer, you don't have to, herein lies the sense of real luxury. 

This jacket, in many ways, lends itself to these ideas. With a firm appreciation for traditional Japanese uniform, a utilitarian approach of clean, confident details such as breast pockets with gussets and flaps sit next to robust metal closures, resulting in a functional everyday jacket, crafted to soften over years of wear and enjoyment. 

Handmade in New Zealand from a recycled wool blend, the Jacket No.17 comes all enclosed with flat-felled seams and tailored two-piece sleeves. It could be best put to use as a soft shell of protection for those days when the weather goes sideways — collar up and button down, even.