Esther Leonard | Shirt No. 06 May 24 2016

Walking us through her garden wearing our classic boyfriend's shirt, we spent last Sunday catching up with designer and shoe maker Esther Leonard... 

What are you wearing your shirt with?
Black woolen Kate Sylvester trousers, Penny Sage leather slides and a very beautiful ring made by Zora Bell Boyd - which I have since misplaced....

What are your favourite features of the shirt?
Fabric means everything in a garment. It feels like I am wearing a feather. I find myself studying the details of this shirt. The breast pocket will both confuse you and make you smile. Sherie's shirts look effortlessly genius - she is a genius. Every stitch, textile choice and detail is carefully thought out.

How does this shirt-jacket suit your lifestyle?
It's an "everything" shirt, I can wear it many ways and on many occasions. I like to be able to get a lot out of my clothing and this one will be with me for as long as it lasts, and then a little while longer. There are few shirts my boyfriend and I can share, this one has us on a schedule.

Shirt No. 06 Nude is now available.
Photographs by Greta van der Star